Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini
Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini

Glamour & Glow Luxury Oil - Mini

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Prickly Pear  + Baobab Oil + Hibiscus + Jasmine + Neroli + Lupin Seeds + Sea Buckthorn

Infused with Ruby Extract

Luxury Resurfacing Oil, Protection, & Sun Damage Reversal.

Gentle AHA & BHA for gentle exfoliation, clarifying, glow restoration. Top of the line plant oils from around the world to protect & reverse sun damage. May prevent hyperpigmentation down the line if you start using early enough in
life. Safe for daily use.

Six gentle exfoliating acids are found in this oil. Malic, Lactid, Salicylic, Linoleic, Citric, and Gallic Acids. Derived from Hibiscus, Willow Bark, Saffron, Prickly Pear, Jasmine. Loaded with antioxidants & highly moisturizing ingredients. Soaks right into the skin. This is a gentle, velvety, dry oil.

Excellent for scars, glow restoration, preventing & reversing aging.


The desert is one of the toughest places on the planet to survive due to scorching heat & lack of fresh water. However, hidden from view, there is an abundant amount of rich & diverse life thriving in these harsh conditions.

We've borrowed the intelligent genius from many of the diverse plants, botanicals, and cacti thriving in these conditions, and created a gorgeous oil packed with essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and molecules with clever survival mechanisms.

This oil also comes in a body oil, paired with quantum signature soultherapy perfume blends. Our body oils have the full concentration of an Eau De Parfum in addition to an abundant amount of skin-loving ingredients.

Dermofeel Sensolve, Prickly Pear, Baobab Oil, Meadowfoam, Hibiscus,
Neroli, Yucca, Agave, Moringa Oil, Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn, Ylang
Ylang, Helichrysum

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  • Clean
  • Organic
  • Harmonic
  • Cruelty Free

Desert Inspired

The desert is filled w/ hidden wonder

Desert wildlife & botanicals have evolved to be clever, adaptable, and
capable of maximizing their use of the precious, rare water given to them. The benefits to your skin when this intelligence is applied, can
be profound.

Read More Desert Wonder
Infused with Ruby and sacred sound

Vibrating at 396hz, the root chakra is our foundational chakra. Represented by red, it can be supported by red gemstones such as Ruby. When our root chakra is balanced, abundance flows into our life.

Prickly Pear and Argan Oils are luxurious oils and provide an elegant housing for the 396hz frequency to incorporate root chakra balancing into your daily life, through skincare.

Red Desert Survival
Encourages us to ground into our power

We have survival encoded in our genes, by the very design of our evolution. 

The Desert is connected to Root Chakra. The Root Chakra, when balanced, brings abundance in all foundational areas of life: family, health, career, financial, mental. With sturdy roots, this provides support for everything else in life to flourish.

The desert reminds us that we have everything we need to ground into our own power, strength, and inner resources.

1 review
  • J
    15 minutes ago
    Rated 5 stars
    Luxury Oil

    I LOVE how quickly this oil worked! Within 24 hours, my skin felt softer and was brighter. And it smells sooo good.

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