Chakra-Tuned™ Sacred Trees

Chakra-Tuned™ Sacred Trees

Each age defying Chakra-Tuned™ Sacred Trees (Lux Butter) provides decadent hydration, high concentration of anti-age actives for collagen synthesis & brightening, high-end fragrances, AND Chakra-Tuned™ to provide inner energy support for the entire body, amplifying the powerful intention printed on the label.


Made from four treasured trees, each considered the "tree of life" in their respective countries from around the world, such as the Baobab, Shea, Oak, and Argan.


Each Lux Butter penetrates all three layers of the skin for deep, lasting moisture. These blends have intense cellular regenerative properties leaving your skin with a dewy, plump and silky-soft feeling that lasts for days. Restores collagen synthesis, anti-wrinkle, hydrating, fine lines, luxury concentrated butters for the neck, chest, arms, hands, legs.


Each Chakra-Tuned™ Sacred Trees (Lux Butter) has the same anti-aging benefits with distinctive flower & gemstone infusions, distinct fragrances, & distinct energy intentions created to compliment our entire product line of energy essences & serums.

Luxurious. Decadent. Harmonic™.