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PLANET Energy™ * Sound Infused * Chakra Tuned™ * Harmonic™ SKINCARE

Quantum Signature™

Carl Sagan famously said, "We're all made of star stuff."

A luxurious skincare brand celebrating the sacred inter-connectedness between mind/body/soul + the living universe. Every living system on our planet is made from the same shared use of cosmic stardust, frequency, sound, and light.

Quantum Signature's™ products are high vibrational and harmonic™.

We are the very first skincare brand in the world to infuse our products
with sacred sound (patent pending). We infuse each blend with a specific solfeggio frequency, so that each product is created to be chakra-tuned™, vibrating at the resonance of one of the seven main chakras (energy vortexes inside the body connected to mind/planet/soul), emotional intention, and to resonate with the laws of the universe (Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, Law of Vibration, etc.).

We are taking intention setting to an entirely new level; the quantum level.

First-in-class blends with energetic properties of light and harmony. Chakra-Tuned™. Dig in, and find yours today.

Unlock your cosmic potential, beyond skin deep.


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Energy Lux Butter, Serum, Perfume "Step Into Power"Energy Lux Butter, Serum, Perfume "Creativity"Energy Lux Butter, Serum, Perfume "Confident"Energy Lux Butter, Serum, Perfume "Heart Centered"Energy Lux Butter, Serum, Perfume "Speak My Truth"

Chakra-Tuned™ Sacred Trees

Seven Energy Intentions & high-end fragrances

Anti-aging & intensely moisturizing. Namesake derived from four sacred trees from around the planet, each named the "Tree of Life" in their cultures. Oak & Argan from the Celtic culture, Shea & Baobab from Africa. Paired with the most luxurious oils on the planet, such as Prickly Pear & Jasmine. Gentle. Velvety dry. Deep, lasting moisture. Leave on pressed serums. Safe for daily use. All skin types. Each bottle has a very gentle, high-end fragrance & chakra-tuned™ energy intention.

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528hz Charged

Gemstone Infused Serums

Resonance amplified. Energy charged skincare products using gemstone and crystal infusions such as Ruby, Amethyst, Amber, Pearl, and Diamonds formulated with frequency tuning.

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Clean, Organic, Harmonic™